• Biometrics24 August 2017
    Knowledge of the basics of biostatistics is essential for both the analysis of medical research data and for a critical appraisal of research articles. This postgraduate course is particularly aimed at those who have previously followed an introductory course in (bio) statistics and now intend to do research.
  • Hacking the immune system17 February 2017
    Exploiting computational immunology to understand the immune system.

Due to technical maintenance it is not possible to register for one of our activities on Saturday December 3th between 07.00 am and 08.00 pm. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

PAO Heyendael - Partner for your events

The Radboud university medical center is a top medical centre for healthcare, education and research. It is one of the tasks to develop, improve and update the knowledge of healthcare. To achieve this, PAO Heyendael provides in a range of high quality graduate and post-graduate medical education and events both in content and organization.

PAO Heyendael offers a wide range of event for different target groups. Every year 400 events are held for 17.000 participants.

A team of five project managers and a large project staff advises, guides and supports in organizing an event. PAO Heyendael will help to put together an attractive and high quality programme. Besides teaching and secretarial support, expertise is offered in producing a project plan and monitoring this plan, budget monitoring,  communication, course administration and assessments. Additionally, PAO Heyendael takes care of the logistics around the event: the development of congresmaps, catering services, welcoming the participants up to the technical assistance on sight.